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Christopher Nolan Movies Ranked and Where To Stream Them

Like fellow directors Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, and Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker whose name nearly everyone instantly recognizes, including those who haven't even seen one of his movies. One of the most popular directors currently working today, Christopher Nolan, is a hands-on auteur often seen as the modern-day equivalent to Orson Welles…

Everybody’s a Critic, So Stop Hating Film Critics

Everyone hates critics. Yair Rosenberg in his Atlantic newsletter reiterated all the reasons why. Critics, he asserted, slag popular stuff. They are stuck in an elitist bubble and don’t understand the common moviegoer. They’re politics-obsessed lefties. What’s to like?! Rosenberg is a politics writer, not a cultural critic, and it shows. Basically, everything he says…

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