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Every Star Trek Movie Ranked (and Where to Stream Them)

It’s hard to believe that a little, low-budget science fiction show that was canceled after only 80 episodes (counting the unaired pilot The Cage) has spawned a huge cultural movement, thousands of hours of television, and 13 movies! Star Trek is the proverbial “little engine that could,” embedded in the geek culture of at least…

Hulu’s New Show ‘Hit-Monkey’ is the Latest in Marvel’s Experimentation with TV

Hit-Monkey, Hulu’s newest animated series, literally opens with a mysterious monkey carrying out what seems to be a revenge-driven hit on unnamed men in black suits. Really! The anime-inspired show, starring Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn, is the latest production of Marvel Television aka Marvel Studios. Alas, with Hit-Monkey, Marvel continues its experimentation with television…

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