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Review: It’s Difficult to Love ‘Love Hard,' But Easy to Like It

It’s all well and good to mock the absolute torrent of new (usually romance/rom-com) Christmas movies viewers are inundated every year around this time. They are profligate and often of dubious quality. When one hits, though? Oh, that vibe is delicious. Does Love Hard, Netflix’s first holiday offering off the blocks, hit that perfect vibration? It…

Review: ‘The Wheel of Time' Episode 4 “The Dragon Reborn”

If you thought that the first three episodes of The Wheel of Time were compelling enough to pique your interest, then the fourth episode—”The Dragon Reborn”—will be what convinces you to commit fully to Amazon Prime’s ambitious new fantasy series. At the start of the episode, audiences are introduced to the False Dragon, Logain Ablar…

Jason Reitman Movies Ranked and Where To Stream Them

Director Jason Reitman seems like one of the current generation of filmmakers destined for greatness. Raised by his father, the director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Stripes, Meatballs), Reitman essentially grew up immersed in film, exploring his father's movie sets and learning about the craft from an extremely early age. Using the knowledge he gained as a child,…

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