Zombie Apocalypse: Is It The End? Or Can We Survive?

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 Is It The End? Or Can We Survive?

July 12th, 2012; Day 1 of the Zombie virus outbreak:

On July 9th, Josh Benton, age 47, left work early because had headache, fever, and the chills. He called his daughter Bailey, age 20, to come to pick him up and take him to the hospital.

When he got there, they drew blood, took his blood pressure, his temperature, and all the normal hospital procedures. What scared them the most is that Josh had a temperature of 106.2. When Bailey found out his temperature, she broke out into tears, Josh held her and told her everything's going to be alright.

Around 25 minutes after they sent his blood work to the specialist, he started feeling all those symptoms again. The doctor and nurses soon became very worried because everything that was wrong with Josh was all the symptoms of the Flu, but the Flu season was months away.

They acted quickly to get Josh to a secure location where he had no contact with the outside world. The doctors informed Bailey that there was something seriously wrong with her father and asked her to wait in the lobby.
Three days later, something very tragic takes place.


July 12th, 2012;

My name is Jack, Jack Quinn.

I woke up this fine Thursday morning to the screeching screams and crying of my wife Michelle and my daughter Haley.

“Jack!” cried Michelle.

“Daddy! What's going on?!” yelled Haley.

“I don't know, baby, come here, it's okay” I had no idea what was going on, and couldn't assure Haley that it's okay, but I had to calm her down.

I then heard the Hurricane warning, “Why are they going off? There's not even supposed to be a Hurricane!”

*Knock Knock!* There was a knock at the door. I threw a shirt and a pair of gym shorts on, grabbed Haley, held her, and told her to get mommy, pick up some food and water, then go and hide in the back room. Also known as our Panic Room.

She did just that; she's one brave 10-year-old. I got my home defense gun from up under my bed and slowly and quietly went to the door and yelled, “WHO IS IT!?”

A familiar voice answered back and said, “Jack, it's Brent! Open up; we need your help!” So I proceeded to open the door and let Brent it, his wife walked behind him. Something that looked like a Zombie ran down the street.

“WHAT IS THAT!?” I yelled, but they didn't answer me.

Brent has been my best friend since 1st grade. He's the Sheriff of Monmouth County here in New Jersey.
I offered him and his wife, Lucy, a drink, but they both denied.

Brent went on to tell me that there was a Zombie outbreak. It took a second for the thought of a Zombie outbreak to sink in.

“A Zombie outbreak?! What?! How is this possible?! Zombies are just a myth!” I said.

As Brent started to answer me, Lucy interrupted him and asked me where Haley and Michelle were, “In the Panic Room in the back of the house,” I said, “You can go back there and keep them calm if you would like. There are food and water there, too.”

She nodded and walked back there; I stopped her and asked her to go up to Haley's room and get her favorite Teddy Bear, Mr. Fluffy. She said she would and went on.

Brent went on to say, “We don't know how this is all happening, all we know is that a man named Josh Benton went to the hospital three days ago with flu-like symptoms. Apparently, he went crazy, broke out of his quarantined room and BIT, yes a bit, two doctors and four nurses. And the government needs YOUR help!”

“M-my help?” I stuttered.

Brent then said, “Yes, your help. They were looking for the best retired Marine and came across your personnel file and saw everything that you have done, everybody you've saved.”

“I'm a retired Marine of 6 years, and I've risked my life for many people. I've taken three bullets to my stomach and 2 to my legs. President Obama wants you at the White House TODAY.”

We then heard motorcycles, and a couple of cars pull up, one of which was a limo that was decked out in thick armor. A man, which happen to be the driver of the limo, got out and walked up to us and greeted himself as a Secret Service agent and said his name was Aaron.

“Good morning, Jack,” said the agent, “You need to come with us, the President needs your help in trying to find out what's going on! Better yet, try to control it. Go get any guns you have, get your wife and daughter, and everything they need. Don't worry about bringing food and water; we'll supply that.”

I said, “Yes, sir.”

I stumbled off with the thought of a Zombie outbreak still fresh in my head, but then something popped in my head; I wasn't married, or in a relationship and, of course, without being married or dating, Haley couldn't have been born.

I headed to my safe where I had my guns stored, and grabbed my 9mm, and shotgun. I told Brent to go tell Michelle and Lucy, and ONLY Michelle and Lucy what's going on, and made him promise not to say a word to Haley because I don't want her to be scared.

“Daddy! Where are we going?” Haley asked.

I answered her by saying, “Honey, we won a trip to the White House!”

“The White House? Yay!” she said.

“Mhm, now let's go,” I proceeded to say.

This is the start of a very long challenge that Jack and his family face with the probability of losing one another.

Credit To – The movie World War Z.

The concept is taken from it but is an entirely different person, location, etc.

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