Remember when you were a kid and everything new was just the best until the next new thing came along?

That feeling, that emotion, that excitement is impossible to forget. That “thing” would literally make it so you couldn’t even sit still in anticipation!

Z Nation Reclaims Your Childhood Excitement!

 Reasons Why You Should Watch Z Nation 

Z Nation by The Asylum

As adults, that feeling is harder to find, much less sustain over time. As a huge fan of Horror and Zombies, I have found my fix. Z Nation by The Asylum, which is also known for the cult hit Sharknado movies, struck Brainz instead of gold in my book.

The Asylum is not known for creating TV series, but their adventure into the TV Zombie Apocalypse has now spanned 5 successful Seasons. Yes, 5!

Not The Walking Dead

Let’s be very clear, this is not The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead has gone the route of how many ways can we kill slow, lumbering Zombies within a drama-filled soap opera hour.

The Asylum has taken Zombies, yes, they are called Zombies, to a whole new evolutionary scale. These Zombies are varied, they can change over time, and now they can even talk in Season 5.

Night of The Living Dead

As Barbara in the Tom Savini 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead said, “they are so slow, we could just walk right past them.” This was exciting and groundbreaking when George Romero made the original in 1968.

Today slow Zombies are as outdated as the black & white film the first movie was shot on. Z Nation brings the Zombie Horror Genre into the 21st century.

Varied Zombies To Die For…Or To Die By

Zombies can be fast or slow, smart or dumb, and the surrounding environment can affect their characteristics. The Asylum has featured zombies such as Blasters which are super-fast and feast on the faces of the living.

There are radiated Zs, contaminated by a leaking nuclear reactor. A Phytozombie is a cool but vicious hybrid plant/human zombie. They even had a Frankenstein zombie (think Kuato of Total Recall but now forget that until you watch the episode) and Viagra Zombies!

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The list of unique zombie types goes on.

What’s The Show Like?

This is not a drama. For the people in the back: This Is Not A Drama Show!

Z Nation is a zombie, adventure, comedy, drama, horror show.

The Zombie kills, the one-liners, the storylines, and the gore are all very present and alive in the series (well, some are undead).

Tell Them About The Humor

The one thing that sets the show apart is the humor. The one-liners of Doc, the sarcastic replies of Murphy, the humor lets you know that The Asylum doesn’t make the show take itself too seriously.

This is handled lightly though so don’t think this is Sharknado level “over the topness”. This is just a little over the top with occasional instances of way over the top. Watch Warren’s Wedding S4E7 for the meeting of the Juggalos as an example of way over the top.

Female Role Models

They will not break. If they bend they heal. If they don’t heal right away, they keep moving forward either by themselves or with the Z Nation Team until they do improve.

While this is not a show for young kids Z Nation is fully blessed with talented, strong kickass female role models. Yes, they do kickass, but they are not one dimensional.

For example, Lt. Roberta Warren played by Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show) is a true leader filled with compassion and understanding, but she will still put you in your place if you get out of line.

Story Pace

The pacing rarely bogs down on Z Nation.

  • Things happen.
  • Adventures are had.
  • Zombies are killed.
  • Popcorn is eaten. (No wait, that is me while watching.)

The show moves at a brisk pace which helps keep it as fresh as a newly turned Zombie.

Most episodes complete a chocked full self-contained mini-story which still contributes to the overall storyline. On average each season covers about a year’s worth of time in the Z Nation world.

Storyline…I Know, Finally!

Most reviews start off with the storyline. While it is important in Z Nation, it isn’t the most important thing.

The series is primarily about relationships, betrayal, gore, and Zombies. At the very core of Z Nation, it is about “bringing some fun back to the zombie apocalypse.” I love that.

Three years AZ (after zombies) is where the show starts, and the team quickly forms. What keeps them together is the hope of a cure and a way to bring back civilization. That is why they stay together and survive together. Mostly.

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Every Season a New Series

As inventive as the show is, it reinvents itself every year. If you are looking for the same old same old, you will not find it here. As creative as their initial take on the genre was what I most admire is how they dare to change it up every season.

This doesn’t always appeal to all fans but how do you punish a show with the guts and brains to explore and embrace a new angle every year? It is that unabashed creativeness that was the attraction for fans in the first place. Stick with it I say.

It Has All The Feelz

You will laugh, you will cry. You will cheer, you will yell.

You will like, you will hate.

You will feel the love and then get punched in the gut without any warning. Z Nation has and will give you all the feelz.

Full of Zs

ZWeed, ZombieBear, ZombieBaby, ZombieBall, ZombieCheesewheel, ZWhacker, ZombieBlend.

These and many others make up a whole lot of Zs. The words mean nothing to you now but after you watch the show, they will be near and dear to your heart, if it is still beating and you are still human of course.

Interactive Creators, Writers, Directors, Cast & Crew

“They” are busy. “They” can’t always respond. “They” have lives of their own, so they say.

However, the creators of Z Nation, Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler (Craig has recently moved over to Shudder), as well as the writers, directors, cast & crew do interact with their fans.

On Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Some also live Tweet while the show is on. It’s a Blaster, I mean blast!

Z Nation Fandom

The Fandom is lit!

Affectionately known as ZWhackers, they are passionate, avid, rabid, ok hopefully not too rabid, fans who live for the show. One such fan, Kate McMullen, helped run a Facebook group so successfully that she was asked to be a zombie in an episode! Unreal!

I am proud to be one of #TeamZNation.

10K Cosplay by Silas

Note: The fans of the show really make the show special, if you are new to the show please stop by one of the fan groups and say hello.

7 Reasons Why Z Nation Should (NOT?) Be The Next Show You Watch

6) Z Nation has Zombies? What the heck are Zombies?

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In Z Nation they know what Zombies and the Zombie Apocalypse are. I mean how could they not right?

5) Z Nation is currently airing its 5th Season. Count them 1,2,3,4,5!

4) Z Nation is tons of fun!! No, really, it is. You will laugh. You will say “Wait, what the what was that?”

You will say, “Wow!” And sometimes you will think, “Why the heck did they do that?” but later realize that it was the most creative, outlandish thing ever!

3) Z Nation is the SyFy Channel’s current longest-running scripted series and DJ Qualls (Road Trip, The New Guy, The Core and Man In The High Castle) is one of the stars.

2) Great Zombie kills. Gory Zombie kills. Unique Zombie Kills.

7) Wait, what do you mean 7? Z Nation is unorthodox.

It breaks the Zombie rules and then creates some of its own. And then changes those and makes up more!

1) It is full-on, no holds barred, entertainment in its purest form.

8) Eight? But up there in the title it says…never mind. Eight is just go ahead and do it. Turn it on.

Take a chance and watch a few episodes of Season 1 on Netflix or on the SyFy Channel On Demand. I guarantee I will like it. Wait, what? I believe YOU will like it also.

Your Turn

Now it is your turn to give Z Nation a look. You CAN recapture that childhood excitement for at least one hour a week. You know you want to. Go ahead, give your inner child permission.


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