Z Nation, Sharknado, The Asylum, SyFy and Netflix vs The Future

The following is a contribution from Brian Z and contains conjecture and speculation.

Z Nation, Sharknado, The Asylum, SYFY, and Netflix vs. The Future


The SyFy Channel & Netflix are not the only options for Z Nation. Or even for the Sharknado Franchise.


Hang onto your hats because this will be a whirlwind of fact, conjecture, and possibilities.


Z Nation lovers are currently in as much Limbo as the name of a recent episode that aired. So is the series. ZWhackers are waiting on edge and waiting on pins and needles to see if the show will be renewed by The SyFy Channel for the 6th season.


For a Season 6 then, what are the options for Z Nation?


Fans of Z Nation know that the Nielsen ratings have been declining over the past five seasons. On a positive note, the show appeals to a large audience outside of the typical 19-49 age range. Additionally, Z Nation has a supercharged and extremely loyal fanbase on social media, and that is a solid check in the plus column.


With Netflix picking up the 8-episode spinoff of Z Nation, called Black Summer, it makes sense that they may be interested in more seasons of Z Nation. But since Black Summer is technically not a series and the eight installments of the show are not necessarily episodic, it could be just a one-shot deal.


There is no guarantee that Black Summer, which should release on Netflix in Spring 2018, will be nothing more than those eight episodes. That makes things interesting. But let’s go further down the proverbial rabbit hole.


Today on Jacob Robinson’s article indicates that Netflix is not renewing the contract for the Sharknado movies. That action muddies the water a bit. What that means is that the first 5 Sharknado movies do not have an outlet to be watched at anymore. It also means Sharknado 6 most likely doesn’t have a home to go to either. The Asylum then is presumably looking for a new service for all six movies.


All this turns that water into mud actually. What if Netflix is not interested in furthering the story of Z Nation? Where does that leave The Asylum, which produces Sharknado and Z Nation, to go to find a distribution viewing source for both?


Shudder. Shudder SVOD (subscription video on demand) is one answer. Shudder is a streaming service for horror, comedy horror, and thriller movies and series. Per their website, “You can stream via the website, Apple, mobile Android devices, Roku, and VRV Premium.” Shudder started in 2015 and has become more and more popular. AMC Networks is their parent company.


But why Shudder? The content of Z Nation and Sharknado fit nicely into Shudder’s niche. But here’s the kicker. The Asylum has an “in” at Shudder.


Craig Engler is the General Manager of Shudder. Per an article from Daniel Holloway of Variety, “Engler will oversee development and programming strategy for the service, as well as the introduction of new content formats.” So? What does that have to do with Z Nation?


Those familiar with SyFy and The Asylum know that Craig Engler co-created the Z Nation series along with Karl Schaefer. Craig was an executive at SyFy/The Asylum for around 15 years before he switched over to Shudder at the beginning of 2018. What better fit and synergy than to have both Z Nation and the 6 Sharknado movies at Shudder?


Does Shudder have the cash and the will to have The Asylum produce a new Z Nation season for them? I have no idea. But it is a possibility, at least if SyFy ends up passing on another season and if Netflix doesn’t want to jump on board. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.


This is BrianZFandom with cutting edge news & conjecture about Z Nation and Sharknado.


Until the Zombie Apocalypse or Sharknado hits, stay safe and have fun.


@BrianZFandom on Twitter

Thank You, Brian, for this contribution.

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