Your Money Geek’s Ultimate Geeky Gift Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner! Have you finished all of your geeky shopping? Don't worry if you haven't, you've come to the right place! 

While we may not be able to enjoy the holiday season in the same ways that we have in the past, that doesn't mean we can't get geeky gifts for our loved ones. As you know, we love all things geek-inspired here at Your Money Geek, so it should come as no surprise that we've compiled a list of the best geeky gifts, just in time for the holidays.

Whether you're looking for cheap geek gifts, expensive geek gifts, tech geek gifts, or the latest in fandom geek gifts — we've got you covered.

Your Money Geek's Ultimate Geeky Gift Guide

The Best Unique Geek Gifts

If you're looking for niche gifts for your local geek, you've come to the right place. Though some of these might come at a steep cost, they'll make a lasting impression on the special people on your gift list. Even if that person happens to be yourself. We won't judge. 

Devil May Cry 5 Vergil Clay's Katana $620

Devil May Cry

If you have a Devil May Cry fan and sword enthusiast on your holiday gift list, this is a gift they'll cherish forever. It does come at a steep price of $620, but it's worth the price. The sword replica is ideal for dojo and iaido use or perfect for display. The sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel, repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities, to give it strength and flexibility. The painstaking work of polishing with wafer-thin hazuya stones, give the sword a mirror-like surface. Any way you slice it, this will be a memorable gift.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star™ Set — $500


Death Star™ 75159 | Star Wars™ | Offiziellen LEGO® Shop CH

At this price point, this may be a gift for the whole family, but if you're a LEGO-loving household this is a gift that will be a big hit. It's no moon, it's the Death Star! This LEGO set comes with 4016 pieces, 23 iconic Star Wars minifigures, and all of the classic Death Star locations from the Original Trilogy. Just try not to blow up Alderaan before Christmas dinner. 

Crown and Paw Pet Portraits — $60

Crown and Paw The Trooper Front Mock Up 1024x1024@2x

Looking for a special gift for the pet lover in your life? Crown and Paw creates one-of-a-kind, eye-popping pieces of art featuring pets in costumes. You can turn your loved one's pet into a Renaissance oil painting or transform them into Paw Solo and Catpain America. With most prints you can choose from three sizes, to pick out a print that perfectly fits the space.

Intro to Robotics (Level A) — $149

Level A Kit web PDF 4bbda4a6 da22 4e88 898e e9bcd21c8c09

Get a head start on accepting our robotic overlords with this geeky gift. 42electronics has a wide selection of robotics kits, that are sure to wow on Christmas morning. Don't get your circuits crossed, be sure to read through each kit and pick one based on your giftee's skill level. If they've never played with a circuit board, aim for a beginner's kit. But if they were on the robotics team in high school, check out the advanced kits. Move over BB-8, we can build our own robots around here.

Ninety Plus Panama Drima Zede Coffee — $48

Ninety Plus Panama Drima Zede

Do you have a coffee lover on your Christmas shopping list? Well, look no further. Ciel Coffee has a luxe coffee available, with rich notes of rum cake, fresh fig, butterscotch. Who doesn't want their coffee to taste like these mouthwatering foods? This complex and boozy coffee is only $48 a bag (only $3.42 per cup) and will be sure to impress even the most difficult coffee connoisseur. You can also find a vast array of coffee accouterment at Ciel.

Star Trek: Picard Chateau Picard At Home Wine Bundle— $75

StarTrek ChateauPicard Home Bundle

If you're struggling to come up with the perfect gift for the Trekkie on your Christmas list, may we interest you in this perfect holiday bundle? You may not be able to get them a vineyard tour at Chateau Picard, but you can still bring home the aesthetics. This gift comes with two wine glasses, two coasters, a corkscrew, and a gorgeous bamboo cutting board. Perfect for an intimate night at home to binge Star Trek: Discovery

Mythic Markets Benalish Hero Art $35

Have you ever considered investing in iconic pop culture collectibles? With Mythic Market, you could give the gift that keeps giving. If you've wanted to help a loved one get invested in the stock market, take the first plunge with these unique pop culture-inspired investments to diversify their portfolio. Check out our full review of Mythic Markets.

The Rebellion Rug— $169-629

the rebellion A RC SW014

Ruggable has a beautiful collection of Star Wars-inspired rugs that go from bold depictions of the Millennium Falcon to groovy Darth Vader designs. These rugs range in size and price, but they are sure to make a lasting impression on any room they find a home in. t's true, all of it. You can have your very own tasteful Star Wars rug in your family room… oh, I mean this is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan on your gift list this holiday season! 

Navy Blue UFO Shape Chandalier — $123

navy blue ufo shape suspended light metal 6 heads chandelier lamp for boys bedroom 155014427390

Do you have someone on your holiday list that loves aliens? This out-of-this-world chandelier is sure to shed new light on their love for UFOs and all things extraterrestrial. Be sure to check out everything on Beautiful Halo — they have all sorts of fun geeky lighting that will turn into a real statement piece for anyone's home. 

Legend of Zelda Wallet — $295 Legend of Zelda Wallet Gift for Gamers Legend of Zelda  Accessories - Zelda BiFold Wallet Legend of Zelda Gift: Clothing

Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular game franchises and this gift won't break the bank. Surprise your favorite gamer with this beautiful durable bifold wallet that features the Legend of Zelda emblem right on the front. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Geralt in the Bath Statuette— $52


Toss a coin to your Witcher or help a friend adorn their house with Geralt in the bathtub. This in-game scene became an internet meme and now Witcher fans can bring home their very own hand-painted statuette of Geralt of Rivia relaxing and healing from his perilous journeys. Rubber ducky included! 

Batwing Posable Desk Light $60

Batwing Posable Desk Light

It may not be the bat signal, but this posable Batwing desk lamp is sure to impress during any Zoom call from the Batcave. If you have a Batman loving friend on your gift list, this lamp is sure to light up their face. This product is also made using BDP, which is a biodegradable plastic that breaks down when it arrives at the landfill. So it's perfect for any eco-conscious friends or loved ones on your gift list. 

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child Real Moves Plush by Mattel — $70

The Child Real Moves Plush by Mattel – Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Pre-Order

You didn't really think you could make it through a geeky gift list without being presented with a must-have Baby Yoda. This toy may be a little on the pricey side, but you can do so much with The Child! You can even play hide-and-seek with him! If you want to see the full product review, you can check it out here

Best Book Geek Gifts

Pride & Prejudice Floral Ornament $29

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Finding the perfect gift for a book geek can be difficult. Buying a gift card to their favorite bookstore feels impersonal, but they probably already own any book you might buy them. But you know what they don't have? A Pride and Prejudice ornament created from a book flower and placed inside a shatter-proof plastic bulb. If an ornament isn't the right choice for the book lover in your life, check out the gorgeous book bouquets, crafted from a number of literary classics. While these bouquets may not come with thorns, you still need to be cautious of paper cuts. In this version, Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on the edge of a page!

The X-Files: The Official Archives$50

9781419735172.in01 e1605637945704

A fully authorized, richly illustrated inside look into 50 of Mulder and Scully’s most memorable monster cases. Detailing the agents’ investigations into cryptids, biological anomalies, and parapsychic phenomena—from the Flukeman to The Great Mutato to Pusher—The X-Files: The Official Archives instructs future agents on how to successfully investigate the paranormal. Read our full review here

The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian $40

9781419748707 s3

The newest addition to the Art of Star Wars series is an official behind-the-scenes companion to the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian features exclusive concept art, character and costume sketches, and vehicle and creature designs. Be on the lookout for our full review.

TASCHEN’s The Star Wars Archives. 1999–2005 $200

Made in close collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm, this second volume covers the making of the prequel trilogy: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Episode II Attack of the Clones, and Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The XXL tome continues our visual trip through the Star Wars galaxy with an exclusive interview with Lucas, script pages, concept art, on-set photography, and more. Read our full review

Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks: Celebrations Around the World from Fall to Winter$54


If you have a Disney fan on your shopping list who loves reliving the magic of the Disney Parks all-year-round, then this will be the perfect book to give them this year. It's over 300 pages of illustrations, pictures, and information about how Disney brings the holidays to life at the parks around the world. Read our full review here


Best Geek Stocking Stuffers 

NASA 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar — $15

Men's NASA 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar - Assorted Colors One Size - image 2 of 4

Socks can actually be a really neat stocking stuffer, especially if they're geeky. Target has a wide selection of Advent Calendar socks, ranging from NASA-inspired, Nightmare Before Christmas, and even family-favorites like The Mandalorian and The Avengers. Take a peek at all of the options and see which ones are the right fit for your loved ones. 

Disney Winnie the Pooh Braver Than You Believe Necklace— $9


Who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh? If you have someone on your gift list who loves Disney-inspired jewelry, be sure to check out Boxed Lunch. They have a wide variety of beautiful jewelry pieces for under $15! This one was just too cute to pass up on. Are you Winne the Pooh? Tigger? Or are you Eeyore? Can't pick? Oh well

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Chibi Slipper Socks  — $11


Are you as obsessed with the Child as we are? If you have someone on your holiday list that has been hoarding every piece of The Mandalorian merch that has come out this year, then you may want to give their feet a quick look and see if they own these adorable slippers. They'd make a great stocking stuffer to wake up to on a chilly Christmas morning! 

Disney's Inside Out Anger Plush — $12

Anger Plush – Inside Out – Small – 8 1/2''

Inside Out may have come out a few years ago, but Anger remains an internal mood. Disney has a great selection of plushes on sale this holiday season and we couldn't pass up on Anger. Just look at him? Isn't he how we've all been feeling this year? Surprise your loved one with their very own Anger plus, to hide in the background of their next Zoom call. 

Official Lord of the Rings Heat Change Mug— $12


This one is just plain cool, or rather hot. This coffee mug changes once you pour a piping hot cup of coffee into it. If we have to take the Hobbits to Mordor, we're going to need some coffee first. While this may not be the most precious ring, this coffee mug is sure to rule them all. This is the perfect gift for first and second breakfast. 

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit — $14.95

2020 11 17

Mix it up this Christmas and give the gift of Cocktail Kits 2 Go. This is a “break-in-case-of-emergency” type gift. It has everything you need to craft classic cocktails all in one small, home bar package, that's perfect for holiday travel. We've all been there. You have a bottle of whiskey, but no bitters or sugar cubes to craft an old fashion. But you won't have to worry about that with this cocktail kit in your possession. This is a perfect gift for that one friend who loves to impress guests with creative cocktails.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Flying Phoenix Delta Mouse Pad — $11

mousepad mockup on a wooden writing desk

If you can't afford to buy your local Trekkie the Chateau Picard bundle, you might want to buy them this clever little mouse pad. It's a perfect addition to anyone's home office. Who doesn't want to picture a world where Starfleet Academy is real? 


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