Your Focus Determines How Wealthy You Will Be

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One of the first things you’re taught in martial arts is to focus. If you don’t focus on what you’re doing, you end up acting instinctively instead of using proper technique. If you don’t focus on what your opponent is doing, you’ll be caught by surprise. Your focus is important in martial arts because if you don’t practice it YOU COULD DIE!

Focus Determines Your Path

Focus determines direction. If you want to be good at something, you have to focus on it. Aren’t doing well at your job? Are you focusing on the things you need to be doing? If you do some self-reflection, you might find that you’re letting distractions control your day and prevent you from focusing on what you need to be doing.

So, we’ve determined that focus is a powerful thing. What should you focus on though? There’s probably more than one important thing you could devote your thoughts to so sorting things out can take some time. You need to develop a good plan to make sure you focus on the right things at the right time.

Plan Before You Focus

First, you need to map out a plan of what you want your future to look like. If you don’t know where you want to end up, how do you expect to get there? So, the first thing to focus on is making a life plan. Once you’ve got some ideas on how you’d like things to turn out, it’s time to focus on what you have to do to make those ideas reality.

When I decided I wanted to work in IT, I knew I had a lot of learning to do. The first thing I needed to do was get educated on the things I would need in order to be hirable. So, I focused on that for a while. Some big life events happened during this time like getting married and buying a house and that took away from my focus and made the education process longer. Once I had some education, I started to focus on getting hired. I became addicted to looking at job postings and since I applied to so many positions, I eventually got a job offer and successfully entered the IT field.

If I hadn’t focused on doing the things I needed to do to get an IT position, I might still not be in the field today. A dream without action is just a wish. You have to do the work to develop yourself into what you want to become.

Take Your Focus Process and Implement it Everywhere

When you develop a pattern of focusing on learning and developing yourself, you can implement that same process in all areas of your life. A good place to start is taking something you’re already good at doing and thinking of ways you could improve. You’re usually pretty interested in things that you’re good at so you’re less likely to get bored by focusing on it more.

Focus Reveals What You Want

Another thing focus can do is help you determine whether you like something or not. I think that’s why a lot of people change subjects in college or completely drop out. They start to learn what the subject is really like and what you’ll actually be doing in a job in the field. Once they’ve got this information, they’re completely turned off to the idea of pursuing a career in the field and decide to give up. It’s not a bad idea to give up on something if you don’t enjoy doing it.

If it’s just that you aren’t as good at something as you would like to be, then that isn’t a reason to give up. Everyone working in the field you want to be in was on your level at some point. The only reason people are ahead of you is that they’ve been focusing longer on the subject and didn’t give up when they got stuck on something.

Declutter Your Mind.

The next thing in the focus process, is to eliminate unnecessary distractions. If your ambition is to become a rocket scientist, you should probably put your phone down and start reading instead. You don’t learn to become a rocket scientist by scrolling Facebook. Any time you devote to anything other than learning to become a rocket scientist should be of equal importance as becoming a rocket scientist.

I know if I’ve got something stressful going on outside of work, my performance drops drastically. Our brains just can’t handle thinking about multiple complex concepts at the same time. That’s one of the main benefits of minimalism. The less you have to think about, the more focus you have to put towards the things that matter the most.

I’m sure there are people who created blogs at around the same time as me and are having much more success than I am. They’re probably a lot more focused than I am on creating new content and learning how to grow their audience. I’ve let distractions like work and growing my eBay business consume time that I could’ve devoted to writing more.

To focus well on something, you need to have a plan on where you want to be. You need to eliminate unnecessary distractions and you need to focus on what is needed to get there. Wealth is no different.

What do You Need to Focus on to Accumulate Wealth?

You need to determine how much money you need if you want to become financially independent. Focus on how you’ll bring in the income that will result in earning the savings. Think about cutting expenses, so you can save even more. Find what you would like to do to bring in that income, so you’ll enjoy the process. Have a plan for where you put that money, so it will grow. Lastly, you need to focus on what you want life to be like once you’ve become financially independent.

If you’re just pursuing financial independence for the sake of being financially independent, you’ll get bored really fast once you’ve gotten there. It’s going to take some focus to know what you’d like to do when you are free from financial and time restraints.

Is your focus optimized to get what you want out of life? It’s up to you to determine….

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