Staying home is the correct answer. Connect with your loved ones by playing responsibly. Interact with your friends and family with many challenges. #PlayApartTogether. 

The addictive Words & Ladders game has had over 1.5 Million downloads since it arrived in mobile app stores on March 31st. Inspired by the classic ancient Indian board game, Moksha Patam, Etermax developed an engaging game where vocabulary, mental agility, and knowledge leads players to victory.

The game stimulates lateral thinking with fun riddles that players must solve to advance further in the game. 

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“We surpassed 1.5 million downloads in Words & Ladders with great pride and happiness, at a time when technology has proven to be one of our best allies to stay connected while taking care of ourselves at home. We’ve worked with great dedication to create a game that not only entertains but also strengthens the mind, while allowing us to share knowledge with friends, family, and other users. It fills us with joy to see the great reception of the public and motivates us to bring new world-class proposals,” says Federico Segovia, Product Owner of Words & Ladders at Etermax.

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Around the world players can become part of the global campaign to #PlayApartTogether.

Etermax is giving out in-game gifts that incorporate messages of social awareness about the current COVID-19 situation — encouraging friends, families, and people everywhere to socially connect while remaining physically separate. 

Words & Ladders isn’t the only Etermax game you can play while you’re quarantined! Be sure to check out World Crack, Triviatopia, Trivia Crack, and more!  

Words & Ladders is available for iOS and Android.

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