What I will teach my son about medicine!

Today I have a guest post over at Rogue Dad MD. I discuss what I will teach my son about medicine! We have been collaborating for the month of February. Today he posted some of my original content on his site…so go over here and read it.

Other medicine posts

If interested, here are other posts for I have written about practicing in medicine and things that are unique to our chosen field.

  1. For physicians is an emergency fund really necessary? Probably but here are some arguments against it.
  2. Taking a gap year from medicine published on Physician on Fire and my follow up of taking retirement breaks.Both discuss ways to take a break and hopefully decrease burn out.
  3. For the more financially minded docs, here are 6 strategies young doctors should follow for financial wellness.
  4. Finally some philosophical posts including how being in private practice makes me a better doctor and should your child become a doctor?

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