Who is the Jedi Padawan in The Bad Batch Premiere? 

The premiere of The Bad Batch had a fun appearance by a character that we all know and love from Star Wars: Rebels and it happened within the first few minutes of the episodes. So who was that beloved Jedi Padawan? None other than fourteen-year-old Caleb Dume

Who is the Jedi Padawan in The Bad Batch Premiere? 

Caleb Dume

In the moments before Order 66 turns the clone troopers against the Jedi, we see Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her Padawan Caleb Dume, as they await reinforcements in their fight against legions of battle droids on Kaller. Their reinforcements come in the form of Clone Force 99, a unit of highly advanced clones who easily wipe out the remaining battle droids. 

We have previously seen Depa Billaba and her Padawan Caleb Dume in a hologram last year in “Old Friends Not Forgotten” during the final season of The Clone Wars, in a scene that leads up to the moments witnessed during the premiere of The Bad Batch. We’ve heard about Depa Billaba’s sacrifice to ensure Caleb’s survival, but now we get to see that Hunter had a pivotal part in ensuring that Caleb Dume survived Order 66. 

Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume in The Clone Wars

What we don’t see in The Bad Batch, is what we already know about Caleb’s life after Order 66. He remains on the run and teams up with Janus Kasmir as he tries to avoid being found by the Empire, and eventually, he cuts off his Padawan braid, destroys his Jedi comlink, and changes his name to Kanan Jarrus. 

Kanan Jarrus’ past is something that we have learned a lot about in Star Wars: Rebels and in the comic series Kanan: The Last Padawan, but for fans of the character this appearance in The Bad Batch premiere fills in missing moments in his story and it only strengthens what we already know. 

Rebels1x12 0331

It’s fun to see how Star Wars is able to connect all of its series together, reintroducing familiar faces as a means of introducing us to new characters. While we’ve met Hunter and the Bad Batch before in the arc of The Clone Wars, seeing them interact with a character like Kanan Jarrus opens up exciting new avenues for the series to explore. 

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