What Sells on eBay: March 2020

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series!

March was a crazy month and I hope you all are doing okay trying to get through this pandemic. I was able to get out and buy some stuff to resell at the beginning of the month, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve barely left my house.

I’m thankful to have built my eBay store up to the point it’s at, but since I made the push in January to list everything I had in inventory, I don’t really have anything to list now. I put my store on sale a week ago and that seems to have driven a steady stream of daily sales.

I don’t think I’ll worry about having a big pile of stuff that isn’t listed in the future. It would be nice to have a bunch of stuff to list right now!

I’ve been sitting my packages out next to my mailbox each day and the mail people always pick it up. It’s cool that I don’t have to try to get out to the post office especially now that a shelter in place has been put into effect in my state. 

I started buying a few small things for my antique booth off of eBay, although I’m not sure when the antique mall will reopen. I’ve found that I can buy vintage skeleton keys off of eBay for about a dollar a piece and have sold them in my booth for $7. Not a huge profit, but it gives me something to hunt for while I’m sitting at home. 

I’d really like to find some categories of items on eBay or anywhere on the internet that I can buy cheap enough to flip on eBay. If you have any ideas let me know! Although I doubt anyone will want to share their secret sources.

The main thing I’m disappointed about is not being able to start trying a new sourcing method I’ve been wanting to start. Hopefully, this will pass soon and we can all resume our normal lives.

I also won’t be able to get out and buy things for the eBay flipping challenge for who knows how long. In case you’re wondering, I’ve sold another item from the challenge store and I’ve built the profits up to $76 from the free oven I scrapped for a few bucks. 

What Sells on eBay: March 2020

Here’s my latest what sells video where I share all of the items I sold:


If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my channel! I plan to keep trucking along making videos on top of writing these blog posts for years to come. I’m sure I’ll start making more than just what sells videos at some point. I may start making videos of the things I buy (whenever I can get back to buying anyways).

Numbers for the Month

If you’re curious how I get my numbers, check out Easy Auctions Tracker. 

what sells on ebay march 2020

I really can’t complain about these numbers at all right now. I’m just thankful I’m still selling stuff. As you can see, I listed a weak 25 items for the month. If I ever want to become full time, I probably need to list 200 items a month or so. I’ve got a ways to go.

I’ve heard from some people that sales are down, and others have said sales are better than ever. It really shows the different results you can have with eBay. If you’ve got a lot of items listed that people can buy to pass the time sitting at home, you’re probably getting a bunch of sales right now. 

My store is so diverse, so I guess I have a few things people want when they’re bored. I imagine things like video games, puzzles, and board games are hot right now. 

If you're curious what my additional business expenses were this month, I paid $39.99 for Worthpoint and $12 to buy a website domain for the new sourcing method I'm eventually going to implement. Oh yeah, going to make a website and everything! I'll probably cancel Worthpoint for now since I can't get out and buy any rare/unique items to look up…

Noteworthy Sales

what sells on ebay march 2020

Phillips Heart Start Defribillator
Paid $16.10 sold for $120 + shipping

what sells on ebay march 2020

Vintage Frances Denney Hope Cologne
Paid $.50 sold for $49.99 + shipping

what sells on ebay march 2020

Boulder Creek Jacket
Paid $3.21 sold for $44.10 + shipping

what sells on ebay march 2020

Dell Desktop Computer
Paid $0 sold for $63.99 free shipping

This computer is yet another item I got from that abandoned house last year. I had to pay $20 to ship it, but still profited $38 after shipping and fees.

what sells on ebay march 2020

World War 2 Chief Petty Officer Hat
Paid $12.73 sold for $49.99

I don't usually pay more than $10 for stuff unless I know it will sell for a good bit, but this hat was too cool to pass up. Luckily, the owner of the hat wrote their name and acronym CPO inside the hat so I was able to look up what CPO meant and found it stood for Chief Petty Officer.

I put the hat up for auction thinking it might start a bid war, but although I had over 10 watchers, it only got one bid. I bet I could've easily gotten $75 for it if I had listed it as buy it now. My auction days may be over at this point.

Customer Issues

I had another return-free month in March, so that's always nice. That pesky person I mentioned in last month's report who bought the Mickey Mouse bow tie ended up leaving me a neutral feedback though. Even went so far as to say that I was rude!

I think some buyers have a negative bias towards eBay sellers, but I did nothing wrong with this Mickey Mouse bow tie transaction. The customer said it was really flat, and all I said was that's how it was when I had it and I didn't have anything to compare it to before I listed it. I also told them that they could return it for a full refund, and they didn't. The buyer paid less than $10 total for the order… Oh well, can't please em all.

Interesting Things Discussed in the Facebook Group

The main thing we've been talking about in the group is the craziness that's going on with the world right now and how we wish we could be hitting the yard sales. I hope people are taking this time at home to go through their unwanted items and plan for killer yard sales when this is over.

We'll be coming for your stuff!!

I announced that I was putting my store on sale and someone asked me “do you not like money?” I'm taking this to mean that they didn't agree with my decision to put my store on sale lol.

I haven't ever really thought to put my store on sale, but so far, it has helped and I think I will do sales from time to time moving forward. Since most of the items I sell are 10x what I paid, it isn't going to hurt to drop the price 20% or so if it means I sell things quicker.

So how are you holding up through this virus mess? Are you one of the fortunate people who have piles of things to list, or are you like me – lean and mean?

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