What Sells on eBay: January 2020

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series!

If January is any indication of how this year is going to turn out, it's going to be a good one! This past month was the most profitable I've ever had on eBay. I don't know if January is usually considered to be a good month for sales, but I was delightfully surprised!

It helped that I sold several high priced items on top of my normal sales of $15-$30 items. I also listed more than I have been lately and you can usually count on selling more if you list more. I only sold 10 more items than I did in December though, so those high priced items really make a difference.

Back in December, I made a decision to not buy any more items to sell until I listed everything I had that needed to be listed. After a couple of weeks of not going to any sales or thrift stores, I was feeling deprived so I pushed to get everything up for sale.

I did end up donating a lot of stuff that just wasn't worth my time to list. Like, I would've been surprised to make $5 on some of the stuff.

I hope to do a better job of not buying junk in the future though. I've noticed I'm a lot more likely to list stuff if I feel like what I'm listing is going to sell for a higher price.

I also found that going through your piles of stuff and organizing everything is very therapeutic. Now when I walk into my garage I'm a lot less overwhelmed.

What Sells on eBay: January 2020

To see everything I sold, how much I paid and how much each item sold for, check out this video:

I also started an eBay flipping challenge in January where I started with a free item, made money from it, and am using the profit to build an eBay business with. You can check out that post here.

Monthly Numbers:


I could get used to months like this! It shows that if you consistently put in the work, eventually it's going to pay off. I don't plan o settle for making $1,400 a month though. Eventually, I'd like to be making $3-$5,000 a month and cover all of our monthly expenses. It's going to take a lot more work than what I've been doing.

To get my numbers, I use Easy Auctions Tracker. It connects to your eBay account and pulls the actual transaction information so all you have to do is enter what you paid and you’ll know your net profit.

Noteworthy Sales

The bulk of my high sales this month came from one thing that I pieced out. I got a Franklin Mint Monopoly game board a while ago for $75 and finally got around to listing the larger items in January.

I guess I was hesitant to list them because they were all large pieces and were kinda hard to pack. All of the pieces have been delivered and I haven't had any complaints so that's a relief! I still have a few smaller pieces listed, but I've already done well over $500 gross sales from this one game board.

Caterpillar truck

Caterpillar Toy Truck
Paid $4 sold for $80 + Shipping.

I was surprised to see how much these toy trucks were selling for! This thing was sitting in my garage for probably 6 months and I finally listed it. Got the offer of $80 within a couple hours of listing it.

welding gloves

Lot of 25 pairs of Tillman Welding Gloves
Paid $25 sold for $170 free shipping.

These were another thing that had been sitting in my garage for months. The buyer ended up living in the same state as me, so shipping wasn't too bad. I just wanted to get rid of them quick and they sold in about a week of listing.

what sell on ebay january 2020

1868 Masonic Code of Alabama book
Paid $2 sold for $75 + shipping.

I was at an estate sale and about to leave without buying anything because of hi prices when I came across some bookcases filled with books. I saw some really old looking and decided I shouldn't leave the sale empty-handed. I'm glad I didn't because this book was one of my purchases. I listed it for $99.99 and got the $75 offer within a couple of hours.

what sells on ebay january 2020

Franklin Mint Monopoly Game Board Base
Paid $1.25 sold for $80 +shipping

what sells on ebay january 2020

Franklin Mint Monopoly Game Board Glass Cover
Paid $1.25 sold for $109.99 + Shipping

franklin mint monopoly gameboard

Franklin Mint Monopoly Game Board
Paid $1.25 sold for $60 + shipping

I could have held out and sold this piece for more, but the buyer sent me a message that their puppy had chewed up theirs and $60 + shipping was all they could afford. I figured I would be nice and let them have it for that price.

what sells on ebay january 2020

Franklin Mint Monopoly Game Board Pedestal
Paid $1.25 sold for $135 + shipping

Customer Issues

January wasn't a very problematic month. I had a couple of items that weren't paid for but that just seems to be the norm for every month. I had to cancel an order because the buyer said they're young kid got their phone and purchased something they weren't supposed to. The item has already sold again though so that's pretty cool.

I didn't have any returns, but I did have to give a partial refund. I sold a hockey jersey for $35 and when the buyer received the item they pointed out to me that it was a different size than I listed.

Listing the wrong size is pretty hard to do unless there isn't a size tag or you list multiples of a similar item that has different sizes and forget to change them. I did the latter – listed the jersey as 2XL and it was actually an XL.

The listing had a picture of the size tag in it, so I'm wondering if the buyer played me so they could get a refund. They said the jersey fit fine and only asked for a $5 refund so I was more than happy to do. I'm not sure why they asked for a refund if the jersey fit, but it was my mistake anyways.

Interesting Things Discussed in the Facebook Group

We might've started talking about this in the group in December, but I made a post about not buying anything until I had listed everything. Some people seemed kind skeptical about the idea. Going out and buying things is the most fun part of selling on eBay for a lot of people. So I can see why some were resistant to putting their shopping on hold.

I'm really glad I got all of my items listed though. I think I'm going to be able to run my eBay business more efficiently now by being more organized. When you have a ton of stuff just piled up, it feels overwhelming and might make you less likely to list anything at all. Keep this up for 5 years and you will have a massive pile of things that need to be listed.

Another thing to consider is that prices go up and down on most items. If you buy a vintage 80s style jacket that is currently going for $50 and you don't list it for 2 years, it might lose most of its value by then.

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