What Sells on eBay: December 2019

Welcome back to the What Sells on eBay series!

December was a good month and that's expected with it being the holiday season. I just wish I knew how many of the weird things I sold were given as gifts.

I sold fewer items than in November, but I sold more valuable things, so the sales numbers aren't too different. Hopefully, in 2020, I'll do a better job of finding more expensive items and get away from selling things for $10.

I can't complain too much about selling cheap items though! Each sale adds up and contributes to the total amount I make each month. I've had a lot of criticism for selling cheap stuff, but if I wasn't selling the cheaper stuff right now, I would make a lot less.

I can either sell something for $10 and profit $7, or sell nothing and make nothing. Most retail stores would be happy to have the profit margins I have, so it's really just a matter of increasing the number of items I list and sell.

I like the simplicity of making money on eBay – if you list more, you will sell more which means you should make more.

Right before Christmas, I decided something. I'm not going to go shopping for new items to sell until I get everything I have to list listed!

It's been a bummer not being able to go hunting for items, but my garage is getting a lot more organized and I'm listing things quicker as a result.

I'm trying to get caught up on everything in my life before I unnecessarily add anything new into the mix. I'm hoping to be more focused and less stressed as a result.

What Sells on eBay: December 2019

Monthly Numbers:

What sells on eBay December 2019 monthly numbers

To get these numbers, I use Easy Auctions Tracker. It connects to your eBay account and pulls the actual transaction information so all you have to do is enter what you paid and you'll know your net profit.

Noteworthy Sales

Instead of uploading pictures of every single item and breaking down the transactions one by one like I've been doing, I'm only going to upload pictures of the best sales of the month.

Since I share every item in the video and give a complete breakdown of my monthly numbers above, there's no need for me to break down each item individually.

Dr. Legear's Stock Remedies Horse Drenching Bit
Dr. Legear's Stock Remedies Horse Drenching Bit
Paid $13.48 Sold for $124.99 + Shipping
franklin mint monopoly chair
Franklin Mint Monopoly Chair
Paid $1.25 Sold for $84.99 + shipping
Nomex Crew Boss Wildland FireFighter JAcket
Wildfire Nomex 3 Wildland Fire Fighter Jacket
Paid $2.14 Sold for $65.00 + shipping
franklin mint monopoly money
Franklin Mint Monopoly Money
Paid $1.25 Sold for $44.99 + shipping
minolta maxxum 7000 camera
Minolta Maxxum 7000 Film Camera with accessories
Paid $2 Sold for $40.00 + shipping

Customer Issues

Out of all my sales in December, only 2 of them were never paid by the buyer. I've actually sold one of the items that wasn't paid for again and the buyer paid quickly so I technically only had 1 unpaid item.

For some reason, on one of the items I sold the buyer changed their mind before even receiving the item and shipped it back immediately. This was my only return.

Another item, the buyer said the item never arrived and then a couple days later the tracking showed that it was being returned to sender.

I'm guessing the post office delivered to the wrong apartment, so when the item gets back to me, I'm going to have to ship it back and I will be going to the post office to tell them I shouldn't have to pay to ship it back to the customer.

Interesting things discussed in the Facebook group

I thought I'd add this section to these reports to share some of the interesting things we've talked about in the Facebook group.

By interesting, I mean useful, or maybe just something funny/weird like this listing my wife found where the seller clearly made a mistake in their description:

funny ebay pictures

I guess prostitutes might like the item also, it just seems a bit specific to call out that profession 🙂

Something else we discussed that is useful to know – vero (verified rights owner). If a brand has a vero presence, you most likely can't sell that item. More specifically, you can't put that brand name in the listing. A lady in the group said that her item that had “Velcro” in the title was taken down by eBay because Velcro has a vero presence.

It's weird because if you search velcro on eBay and set the search filter to sold, you'll see that people have sold items with that word in the title. What's up with that eBay?

Anyways, here's a list from eBay of brands that have a vero presence. You'll have to read the fine print to figure out if you can list items from these brands or not. I know I've sold a ton of American Eagle brand jeans and never had an issue.

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