What Sells on eBay: April 2020

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series!

Unfortunately, things didn’t get any better with COVID-19 in April, but eBay sales were fine! I actually sold a lot more items than I usually do, but they were cheaper items. It’s still nice to clear out some of my older inventory though.

I recently read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear and it has really helped me think about my daily routines. One thing I liked in the book was James’ idea of focusing on getting 1% better every day. If you can improve at something just a little bit each day, these improvements will compound over time and lead to big changes eventually.

I decided to apply this 1% rule to eBay and try to list a new item every single day. I’m actually trying to list 10 items a day, but as long as I list one thing, that’s one more item I can make money on compared to yesterday.

My eBay store should grow a lot over the year now that I’ve focused on listing every day. I was sometimes going a week or so without listing anything new. Success with eBay really comes down to listing more. The more items you have for sale, the more potential money you can make. Unless you’re just listing worthless junk that will never sell.

I also had to change how I get items to sell this month. We aren’t going anywhere except the grocery store right now, so I resorted to buying items in bulk on eBay and list them separately. 

I’m not sure how this is going to work out and I’m really looking forward to being able to get out and buy things in person. It’s nice to at least have items to list though and I should make some kind of profit from what I bought off eBay. 

It seems like being active and listing more helps you sell more items for some reason. Maybe there’s something in the eBay algorithm that causes this.

What Sells on eBay: April 2020


Numbers for the Month

If you’re curious how I get my numbers, check out Easy Auctions Tracker. 

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It’s crazy that I sold 22 more items than last month but only profited about $20 more. Most of what I sold were items under $20 and I don’t currently have many high-priced items in my store so I guess it makes sense I’m not making a ton. I also had 3 returns so that cut into profits as well. 

I'm pretty happy with how much I listed in April. It's more than I've listed in a month in a long time and I'm optimistic I can keep this pace up and get to where I'm listing a couple hundred items a month here soon. We'll see how that goes when the baby gets here anyways.

My additional business expense this month was the red book for coin collectors. I’ve been wanting to learn more about coins so I can resell them and this book should come in handy. I don’t know anything about coins so I’ve got a lot to learn.

Noteworthy Sales


what sells on ebay april 2020

Flightcom aviation headset
Paid $5.75 sold for $47.99 + shipping


what sells on ebay april 2020

Winnie the Pooh waffle maker
Paid $12.84 sold for $55.99 + shipping


Onlyo tape deck

Onkyo tape deck
Paid $20 sold for $39.99 local pick up


Autograph book

1800s autograph book
Paid $3 sold for $39.99 + shipping



Franklin Mint piece

Quantity of 11 Franklin Mint Monopoly Pieces
Paid $13.75 sold for $65.01

Customer Issues

April was the worst month I've had in a while with returns. I had three and one of them was my fault (I didn't realize the item wasn't working properly) and the other two were clothing items that didn't fit the buyers.

One of the clothing items was actually the second time it had been returned! The first time it was returned, the buyer just changed their mind and shipped it back without even opening the package. I decided not to relist it a third time because I'm tired of losing money on the thing.

I just told the buyer to keep the item that didn't work. It had been listed for a long time before it sold and I doubt it would ever sell again if I put in the description it wasn't working. Some times you just have to cut your losses and get back to listing new items.

I've also had one item that was shipped a couple of weeks ago and has yet to be delivered. I'm hoping it will deliver here soon, but if not I'll just put in a claim with USPS

Interesting Things Discussed in the Facebook Group

I saw a good bit of concern in the Facebook group this month due to the virus. We're in uncertain times right now and everyone wants to get back to picking at yard sales and such. Throw on top of that the uncertainty with USPS and it makes things even worse!

Other than not being able to shop in person, it seems that everything else is business as usual. We're having to be more creative with how we get items to sell, but this could be a good thing in the long run. You may find a place to get good deals without having to ever leave your house.

Hopefully this will all be behind us soon and we can get back to hitting yard sales and finding treasure. Stay safe out there!

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