Want Free Money? It Is Easier (and Safer) Than You Think

Believe it or not, free money is not only possible, but it's actually quite easy. You need to know where to look and how to find opportunities for some easy cash.

23 Ways To Get Free Money

Mistplay is an Android-specific application that offers users the opportunity to play games in exchange for monetary reward. 

1: Mistplay

2: Fetch Reward

Fetch Rewards lets you scan your receipts, earn points, and get rewards. The easiest way to earn points with Fetch Rewards is to shop for the products you already love. 

3: Swagbuck

Swagbucks is a huge platform that lets you earn points by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and playing games. You'll get coupon codes and free gift cards with the points that you earn.

4: InboxDollar

Consumers come to InboxDollars to earn free money. Sponsors come to InboxDollars to reach consumers, promote their products, and hopefully secure sales through brand awareness. It offers its users real cash.