Review: ‘WandaVision’ episode five reminds us that “family is forever”

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“On a Very Special Episode…” family is forever and Wanda’s perfect home is starting to fully fall apart around her.  After last week’s interrupted broadcast, we’re taken back to the 1980s as Wanda and Vision struggle with putting the twins down for a nap.

When Vision resists the idea of letting Agnes help put the boys to sleep, the sitcom façade shatters in a way that we have yet to see. At that moment, Agnes asks Wanda if they should go back to the top — like a scene being shot in front of a live studio audience.

Vision is understandably confused by this exchange, but Wanda brushes it aside and perhaps ages the twins up as a distraction for his concern. In a creative homage to Family Ties, the credits roll and we are treated to childhood photos of Wanda and Vision, before we are taken back to the world just beyond the perimeter of the Hex. 

At the joint-operations base, Monica completes her (incomplete) scans and joins the rest of the team for a briefing with Director Hayward. If you were suspicious of him last week, the way he approaches the situation with Wanda certainly seems extreme

During this conversation, there is a potential set-up in the making. Off-handedly Monica mentions that she knows an aerospace engineer who could be helpful. Is she talking about James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) or are they setting up to bring in another character from the multiverse? 

Back in the sitcom, an email comes through at Vision’s work that snaps him out of Wanda’s thrall. Like the radio that Jimmy spoke to Wanda through, S.W.O.R.D sends a message to Vision informing him of what Wanda’s doing. He realizes, in that moment, that everyone is being controlled by Wanda. He turns to Norm, sticks his fingers in his head, and pulls him out of the sitcom fantasy. Norm is panicked, in pain, and worried about his family.  

Vision confronts Wanda about what he learned about Norm and everyone and Wanda tries to avoid the conversation. In fact, the credits begin to roll. But as she walks into the family room, Visions pursues her and they fight. The kind of fight where they hover above the ground and Wanda pulls out her magic. This is the first time, Wanda notes, that he’s ever spoken to her like this.