Top Selling Nintendo Consoles and Game

Since 1983, Nintendo has been a welcome part of our video gaming lives. Ushering in a new era when it comes to video game consoles, the NES was merely the beginning. Since then many Nintendo video game consoles have come and gone, some being huge successes, and others not so much. Let’s take a journey through the best and worst Nintendo has had to offer us. 

Virtual Boy

For anyone that remembers this complete flop of 1995, it's not a surprise to find it at the bottom of Nintendo's best-selling list. Maybe it was ahead of its time, maybe it was rushed, maybe it was just a half-baked idea. Whatever the issue, Virtual Boy just never clicked. Only having 14 titles to its name, Mario Tennis wins out by default as it was included when buying the console.

Nintendo Mini\SNES Mini

Not really consoles, but the frenzy they caused merits them being on the list. Providing a bit of nostalgia, the two mini consoles were only available for a limited time(at least for now) and sold out faster than hotcakes.

Wii U

Around since 2012, Wii U hasn't enjoyed the same astronomic success as its predecessor. Only beating the total failure of Virtual Boy, Wii U sales have so far been underwhelming. However, Mario Kart 8 did enjoy strong sales, with over 8 million copies sold, meaning more than half of Wii U owners purchased it.


Another one of Nintendo's weaker projects, GameCube, fills out the bottom three of the list. With PlayStation 2 being released the year before, maybe gamers' wallets were tapped out, or the audience was getting older and looking for a different gaming experience. With roughly 21 million copies sold and a top game of Super Smash Bros Melee selling 7 million copies, GameCube had a rough go.  

Game Boy Advance

Another example of new isn't necessarily better; the Gameboy Advanced failed to have the same popularity as its predecessors. That doesn't mean it didn't have its own success. 81.5 million people thought the travel console was good enough to plunk down $100 in 2001. Riding on the popularity of the never-ending Pokemon wave, over 16 million Ruby\Sapphire cartridges flew off the shelves. 

Nintendo DS

Taking the prize as the top Nintendo Console is the Nintendo DS, with over 154 million consoles sold. It's actually the second best-selling console of any kind, only trailing the Playstation 2, and just barely. Yet again, taking gaming anywhere mentality, Nintendo stepped it up again with the Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS added a second screen, with one being a touch screen, allowing for some very interactive gaming.


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