The 47 Best Personal Finance Blogs of 2021 (and Why You Should Read Them)

All of these winning blogs provide detailed analysis and reviews of the topics they cover.

1. Physician on Fire

One of the many things I like and respect about PoF is his approach toward advice. He has a strong opinion about how they should be compensated and offers a list of advisors that meet that criteria.

2. ESI Money

ESI stands for Earn, Save, and Invest. The blog focuses on these three things.

3. A Wealth of Common Sense

If you're an investor looking for insights and knowledge about your investment portfolio and the financial markets, stop by A Wealth of Common Sense.

4. White Coat Investor

Jim Dahle is a practicing E.R. physician and one of the O.G. bloggers, especially among physician blogs. He dove in to learn about personal finance and investing.

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