10 Shows For Fans of Grey’s Anatomy

10 Shows For Fans of Grey's Anatomy


Private Practice 

A direct spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice aired on ABC for six seasons and follows Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) after two seasons on the parent series.

Station 19 

After Private Practice ended, it was a few years before Grey’s Anatomy received a second spin-off. Station 19, which began in 2018, concerns the crew of the titular fire station and follows the same procedural format as the other shows in the Grey’s Anatomy television universe.


Of all series past and present, the one that is the closest comparison to Grey’s Anatomy has to be ER. Created by Michael Crichton (Jurrasic Park), ER follows the staff of County General Hospital’s emergency department. What makes ER so remarkable is the approach it takes to showing doctors and medical care on television. The length of time it ran also meant that the show drew attention to important medical and social issues of the day, such as the spread of HIV.


Bones is not a medical show per se, but it certainly scratches the medical itch all the same. Set at the Jeffersonian Institute, the show centers on forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan — nickname “Bones” — and her team, which includes FBI agent Seely Booth.

The Good Doctor

Grey’s Anatomy is not the only medical series currently airing on ABC. Based on a South Korean series of the same name, The Good Doctor is a medical procedural series produced by Daniel Dae Kim and David Shore (the creator of House). The series stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon.

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