Is Sex Work Empowering or Demeaning???

Many people believe that working in the sex industry – for example, as a cam model, porn performer, or fetish model – is inherently exploitative, demeaning, and sexist to the people who take part. 

However, many of those who make such sweeping judgments about working in the adult industry have never met or spoken to a sex worker. So what do those who are in the industry think? 

It’s a Huge and Diverse Industry

It’s important to recognize that working in the sex industry does not just mean one thing. It can involve numerous forms of work including, but not limited to: webcam modeling, pro-Domination, being a sugar baby, and many more!

Selling Skills, Not Bodies

One common criticism of sex work is that workers are “selling their bodies.” But this is a limiting and insulting way to view this type of labor. A person’s body always belongs to them, no matter the type of work they choose to do. Selling a sexual service does not mean that the worker no longer has ownership over their body.

Many Workers Genuinely Enjoy their Job

Another criticism of the adult industry is that nobody could possibly enjoy working within it and, therefore, that anyone who does is inherently being exploited. This is completely untrue. There are people working in the sex industry who are doing so out of economic necessity and who would rather be doing something else.

The Same Issues as Any Other Job

Some people working in the adult industry have also experienced it as less exploitative and problematic than working in other spaces. Freedom, flexibility, and the choice to say yes or no to specific jobs are frequently cited as perks of working in the sex industry.

So is it Sexist to Discuss Work in the Sex Industry?

No. It’s not for everyone, but if it is for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. Choosing to engage in sex work of any kind is an incredibly personal choice. Some people will fall into it by mistake and find they love it, while others will intentionally cultivate a career in the industry.