Review: ‘The Advent Calendar’ is a Bloody Good Christmas Film

The Advent Calendar (Le calendrier) is a French horror film, that is far more of a suspenseful thriller than what most audiences expect from a horror picture. 

Eva has a lot going wrong in her life, beyond being wheelchair-bound, she’s struggling at work, her best friend Sophie (Honorine Magnier)  is selfish, and her father is rapidly declining from Alzheimer’s. 

Right up until the moment that Sophie presents Eva with an unforgettable birthday gift—an ancient German Advent calendar with an ominous warning inscribed on the back. 

The premise of the film is not entirely new: a girl receives a cursed object, the girl plays along with the game, a monkey’s paw scenario plays out granting her wish, and loads of people die. 

When Emerick and Sian arrive at the rendezvous location, they discover that their other contact has been killed.

Eugénie Derouand gives a tremendous performance, committing fully to the madness of the plot and taking audiences on an emotional and transformative journey.