Review: ‘Star Wars Visions: Ronin’ Turns a New Page for ‘Star Wars’ Storytelling

Over the past year, the team at Lucasfilm has been putting out an exceptional amount of quality programming—from television series like The Mandalorian to the expansive universe of The High Republic, to Tales From Galaxy’s Edge, and most recently Star Wars: Visions. Visions provided audiences with a rare look at how Star Wars could be approached through an authentic Japanese lens, rather than just indulging in stories that borrowed heavily from their storytelling styles.

Star Wars: Visions was a collection of nine shorts created by seven legendary anime studios and the first short, “The Duel,” which was produced by Kamikaze Douga, ended up inspiring the first—but hopefully not the last—novel tie-in story for the anthology.

Star Wars Visions: Ronin is Emma Mieko Candon’s debut novel, but they are certainly no stranger to the sci-fi genre as their upcoming original work The Archive Undying (which they were shopping around when they landed Ronin) is also a sci-fi novel. 

Star Wars Visions: Ronin is a truly interesting addition to the Star Wars library because it has the potential to stand solely on its own and appeal to avid sci-fi readers who may not consider themselves the biggest Star Wars fans. 

Oftentimes Star Wars leans heavily into the fantasy, situating it at odds with other science fiction mediums like Star Trek, yet Star Wars Vision