Review: Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows (#2)

The second installment of Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows picks up a short time after the devastating attack on Valo, with Jedi Master Emerick still assiduously trying to make sense of everything that has occurred. 

At the start of the issue, Chancellor Soh summons Master Emerick and Sian to the Senate chambers to discuss their separate—yet connected—missions.

Understandably, neither Emerick nor Sian want to work together, but they are willing to follow Chancellor Soh’s orders to an extent. 

Once they arrive on Vorzyd, Sian asks Emerick a very important question. One that has been discussed to some extent throughout the last two waves of The High Republic and among readers who are getting a new approach to the Jedi.

When Emerick and Sian arrive at the rendezvous location, they discover that their other contact has been killed.