Review: ‘Lifetime Passes’ is a Surprisingly Endearing Story About Friendship 

Lifetime Passes is a humorously dark graphic novel written by Terry Blas, with gorgeous illustrations by Claudia Aguirre. It tells the story of sixteen-year-old Jackie Chavez, a DACA recipient grappling with her parents’ deportation while balancing a tenuous friendship with a toxic friend group. 

Jackie lives with her Tía Gina and when she isn’t helping out at the care facility where Gina is a nurse, Jackie is spending time with her friends at the amusement park Kingdom Adventure—a Disney World-inspired theme park. 

One summer day, the friend group cooks up a plan to use the seniors as their ticket to landing lifetime passes, leading Jackie on a journey of self-discovery and learning the worth of cross-generational friendship.

During the first half of Lifetime Passes, I was confident that I was not going to like it. I was already mentally tabulating the little things that I would include in my review, the critiques of the insufferable Berke and Nikki, but the latter half of the book handled them better than my sharply crafted words ever could have.

Blas clearly has a lot to say about Disney adults, despite the cast of characters being teenagers.

He highlights their obsessive and twisted passion for the theme park, to the detriment of their interpersonal relationships with blistering criticism.