Review: The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together in ‘King Richard’

The very niche genre of sports-related movies is typically reserved for inspiring films about the sportsmanship of football, the camaraderie of baseball.

I know that some might balk at the fact that Venus and Serena’s story is being told through a biopic about their father, but it was his tenacity, persistence, and planning that got them to the point where their skills were recognized.

Honestly, I had my reservations going into this movie because tennis is not a sport I am particularly interested in, but I walked out of the theater with a newfound respect for the sport and admiration for Richard Williams’ determination.

Smith gives—what should be—an award-winning performance as Williams, capturing his frustrating personality and his dedication as a father.

 His emotional depths carry the entire plot and his performance keeps you fully engrossed in the story.