Review: DC’s Stargirl Season 2×12 Sees The JSA Preparing To Battle Eclipso

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 12 focuses mainly on the team preparing to battle Eclipso in the finale.  

At the start of this episode, Beth and Jenni are at the other source of darkness that was discovered – the school where that big ISA/JSA fight took place.

When they make it back to Courtney’s house, they are thrilled to see her. Beth is also very excited to meet Charles McNider in person. The two team up to track down Eclipso.

When explaining to Yolanda that she is not the first JSA member to kill someone doesn’t work, Courtney leaves disappointed. 

She only has to tell Yolanda that she is now working with Courtney, and Yolanda comes back to the JSA. She says it is so that she can protect everyone from Cindy, who she does not trust.