Review: ‘Black Panther: Spellbound’ Pits a Young T’Challa Against a Devilish Foe

Black Panther: Spellbound is the highly anticipated sequel to The Young Prince, which brings middle-grade readers into the life and times of a teenage T’Challa traveling abroad in America.

To everyone who meets T’Challa, he is nothing more than a young Kenyan boy visiting his boarding school friends in Beaumont, no one but his two best friends knows that he is next in line to take up the mantel of the Black Panther.

Which makes the appearance of “Bob the Acrobat” so alarming because T’Challa is certain that he knows the strange man with a distinctly West African accent.

The trio set out to figure out if “Bob” is responsible for the mysterious disappearances in town and find themselves at-risk for falling under the grinning man’s thrall.

Overall, Black Panther: Spellbound was an extremely fun read. T’Challa and his friends made for a great central trio and their vacation- turned-undercover-sleuthing was fun to follow along with.