Review: ‘Black as Night’ Provides a Quick Tour of Vampire Clichés and a Side of New Orleans Rarely Glimpsed

“Welcome to the Blumhouse,” the Blumhouse/Amazon Prime horror initiative, returns this week with Black as Night, a teen vampire romp set right in the middle of the socioeconomic divide of New Orleans. 

While the film has little new to say about bloodsuckers, it is nonetheless a welcome opener to our spookiest month of the year. 

Shawna (Asjha Cooper) has grown up amidst the literal and figurative debris of Hurricane Katrina. 

Like New Orleans itself, her family survived the experience, but the scars set in deep. 

For instance, Shawna’s mom (Kenneisha Thompson) lost herself to drug use after the devastation. 

Now Shawna, her older brother, and her dad live in a middle-class neighborhood. Only a few miles away shakily stands the projects and abandoned spaces where her mom now shelters.