Review: ‘8-Bit Christmas’ is a Two-Bit Holiday Film

Ever unwrap a gift and find precisely what you want inside? 

To anticipate taking that present out and really enjoying it? 

Then, when you do… it’s an utter letdown? 

Friends and foes, I give you my experience with 8-Bit Christmas

On paper, 8-Bit reads like A Christmas Story for the late Gen X/Xennial/geriatric Millennial set. 

Jake Doyle (Neil Patrick Harris) tells his daughter Annie (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) the tale of the year he, as a tween (Winslow Fegley), wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for Christmas. 

But, unfortunately, thanks to two very video game opposed parents John (Steve Zahn) and Kathy (June Diane Raphael), young Jake has no choice but to engage in a series of increasingly desperate and ridiculous attempts to get one himself. 

We are now about 25 years out from the film’s events, meaning plenty of adults around Jake’s age can remember the same feelings and cultural signifiers.