‘Yellowjackets’ Exemplifies the Regret that Can Come With Age

Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Showtime’s The Yellowjackets isn’t exactly a new story. It features elements of Lord of the Flies, The Wilds, Lost, and Alive (1993), among various other pop culture influences. 

Likewise, it has historical precedent in any number of catastrophes in which an unsuspecting group has found itself lost in the snowy woods, desperately fighting to survive, possibly even resorting to devouring human flesh to do so. 

The series makes no bones about it, and even gets the implied devouring of a fellow traveler out of the way in the first episode to let viewers know that it will definitely be “a thing.”

Instead, the story’s uniqueness comes from the volatile interpersonal relationships that have developed over decades, and how they have changed, or how they’ve stayed the same. 

Tapping an all-star cast that delivers killer performances every step of the way under the direction of Karyn Kusama, the pilot gives a promising glance at what’s to come for the series by taking us deep into the past.

With each character at a crossroads, their inner worlds unfold, and that’s where Yellowjackets unquestionably succeeds.


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