Review: ‘The Manor’ is Worth a Drop-in Even if it Doesn’t Know How to End the Visit

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As the expression goes, getting older beats the alternative, but that doesn’t mean getting older is all that great.

That’s the reality Judith (Barbara Hershey) is initially wrestling with in The Manor. After a Parkinson’s diagnosis, the former dancer decides to check herself into an assisted living facility—the Manor of the title—just after her 70th birthday.

Her grandson Josh (Nicholas Alexander) objects. After all, Judith helped him and his mom Barbara (Katie Amanda Keane) when they needed it most.

So why shouldn’t they help her? Judith, however, doesn’t want her family to have to witness her daily unraveling.

When it starts to seem some skittering dark demon is hunting the Manor’s residents, however, Judith tries to change her tune.

Unfortunately, the harder she advocates for herself, the more the people she’s trying to convince think she’s sinking into dementia.

It’s the quicksand of rest home situations: she has to fight like Hell to survive, but the more she fights, the more people think she should stay in the dangerous retirement community.

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