Review: The Good House

Review: ‘The Good House’ Can Be Fun, But Lacks Real Depth

Weaver plays Hildy Good, a New England realtor and messy alcoholic who doesn’t think she has a problem.

Her children and ex-husband force her into rehab, but even when she gets out she’s still guzzling wine by the bottle because wine isn’t the same as hard liquor (which she also gets back into).

The Good House attempts to be a character study, but it lacks any clear direction. It has a beginning, middle, and ended, but none of these components actually mesh together.

A lot surprisingly happens over the course of the film, especially with the large ensemble cast of characters going through their own messes (which Hildy sticks her nose into) but the script never really manages to make the ensemble work as a singular unit of storytelling.

The Good House had a few solid humorous moments and Sigourney Weaver was clearly having a good time, but it fails to live up to the expectations of films and series of a similar genre.