Review: ‘Star Wars: Visions’ Goes Where Star Wars Has Never Gone Before 

When Star Wars: Visions was first announced at the Disney Investor Day, Star Wars fans were overjoyed !

Visions does just that by ushering in a new era of Star Wars storytelling from seven of the best Japanese anime studios.

Visions is a nine-episode anthology series containing completely isolated stories that expand the Star Wars universe as we know it. 

Whether you grew up loving anime like Cowboy Bepop, Monster Rancher, or Inuyasha or you have never watched anything  you will find something to love in each of the shorts. 

Ahead of Star Wars: Vision’s premiere, Your Money Geek got to chat with the series’ executive producer James Waugh and producer Kanako Shirasaki about the production.


When asked about how much creative freedom the studios had, Waugh explained, “One of the things that I think was fundamental to the vision of Visions was that we really wanted it to be their stories. 


He went on to say, “We wanted it to be more of a celebratory expression of Star Wars, not necessarily timeline-focused or feeling like it needed to be part of the ongoing chronology and saga. 

The Twins (Studio Trigger)

It is hard not to think about Luke and Leia as you watch “The Twins,” which explores Star Wars’ well-known brother-sister trope — with a twist.

Lop & Ochō (Geno Studio)

“Lop & Ochō” also plays on sibling dynamics, but it also explores the notion of found families and how easy it is to fall to the Dark Side — or in this case, align ones’ self with the Empire. 

Akakiri (Science SARU)

Both aesthetically and in the nature of the story being told, Science SARU creates a truly unique cast of characters in Tsubaki, Misa, and the intimidating Masago.

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