Review: ‘Night Teeth’ Bares Its Fangs, Rarely Takes A Bite

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With all due respect to (former) fellow Nutmegger 50 Cent and featured vocalist Eminem, allow me to start with Night Teeth review with a bit of verse.

Take some Collateral and Vampire: The Masquerade, and you mix them up in a pot Sprinkle a little John Wick on top, and what the fuck do you got?

You got the latest and blandest bloodsuckers tied up in a knot. The most average of this Netflix Halloween slush, like it or not.

Night Teeth Bares Its Fangs, Rarely Takes A Bite

In other words, Night Teeth exists. Like many (most?) movies, it’s fine. It doesn’t deliver the quick sugary fun of recent Black as Night despite having a similar “toss in all the mythical clichés” looseness.

However, it also isn’t a bogged down self-serious slog like the vampire vs. terrorists on a plane Blood Red Sky. Alright, enough about what it isn’t.

What Night Teeth is is the tale doomed from jump street Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.). The designated “one who’s going to make it,” Benny idolizes his older brother Jay (​​Raúl Castillo), a sort of local big man with a vague whiff of gang leader.

This is the kind of movie where that faint scent turns out to mean that Jay is the leader of a gang of humans who have reached a truce with various sects of vampires and vampire hunters to slice up the city like a pie.

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