Review: ‘Mass’ is a Stunning Portrait of Grieving Parents with Four Fantastic Performance

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Since 1970, America has had over 1,300 school shootings and gun violence is the second leading cause of death in children age 19 and under. 

Schools now regularly hold active shooter drills, in addition to fire drills and weather-related drills. It’s impossible to deny that school shootings are a major issue facing the United States today.

It’s also impossible to deny that it’s a sensitive topic for a film to take on. Yet, Fran Kranz’s Mass does so with delicacy and poignancy. 

The drama, both written and directed by Kranz, presents four parents attempting to come to terms with each other and the violence that occurred years before.

The film begins with some church staff members prepping a room for the meeting that will take place in it. 

The movie is uncomfortable in many ways, with Jay’s anger brewing under the surface and Linda’s frequent teary moments. 

All four central performances are so strong that it’s difficult to even identify a standout.  Even their reactions are splendid. 

It’s easy to become numb to the number of school shootings that occur in this country, but this film does an excellent job at showing the true loss that is associated with them.

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