Movie Review: Copshop

Review: ‘Copshop’ Boasts a Grimy Old School Feel and Some Ambiguous Politic

There was a moment in watching Copshop when I found myself trying to find out the two title pitch that made it come to fruition, and I settled on “It’s Assault on Precinct 13 meets a less over the top Smokin’ Aces.”

One’s enjoyment will depend a lot on how one feels about Carnahan’s style and thematic preoccupations because they’re all there.

t’s an undeniably fun premise if you have affection for the kind of street-level action films where head games tend to get top bill until the bullets really start to fly.

What proves most interesting about Copshop, though, is its timing. It arrives during a historical moment where even Brooklyn 99 has been called on the carpet for being copaganda.

The cop abusing their power becomes our favorite character when they risk their life for the principle of everyone deserving equal protection under the law.