Let's Go!

A little under a year ago, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special delighted fans by bringing all of their favorite characters — from the Original Trilogy to the Sequel Trilogy and everywhere in between — together in a hilarious fashion.

Now, they’re back and this time Poe Dameron is at the helm, taking fans on a thrilling trip through the darkest chapters of Star Wars history with a comedic twist.

After a run-in with a handful of remaining First Order pilots, Poe Dameron is forced to divert his trip to Mustafar, landing just beyond the remains of Darth Vader’s castle.

He and BB-8 make a quick trek through the spooky woods, only to discover that Darth Vader’s castle is being turned into a holiday destination spot — with a few gags and gizmos that are very reminiscent of the Disney Parks.

In the span of forty-five minutes, a lot actually happens in the film. We get more terrifying tales, this time about Darth Maul and General Grievous which tie into the devious plans of Vaneé.

There are some absolutely hilarious callbacks to horror films like The Shining. And Poe and Dean are faced with some life-or-death decisions as they fight against Vaneé’s Transformer-like transformation.

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