Investing in Gaming Companies 101

The gaming industry has grown a lot over the past few decades. And even for non-gamers who have never touched a joystick, investing in gaming might be a lucrative way to grow wealth.

There’s no such thing as a risk-free investment, and figuring out how to evaluate stocks can feel like trying to learn a new language.

Why Invest in Gaming?

The first gaming system was actually developed in 1940 by a nuclear physicist named Edward Condon, who developed a computer called the Nimatron on which to play a game called Nim.

The History of Gaming

Platform or Console Gaming

Types of Gaming to Invest In

Games designed for release on a specific console or platform—and the consoles and platforms themselves—still account for a huge portion of the gaming market despite the increasing popularity of mobile and streaming technologies.

Computer Gaming

Types of Gaming to Invest In

Computer gaming sometimes referred to as PC gaming, is considered by some to be the “bedrock of innovation” in the gaming industry.

Mobile Gaming

Types of Gaming to Invest In

Currently the largest segment of the gaming market, accounting for $68.5 billion in consumer spending (of which $54.9 billion comes from smartphone games).

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