‘LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales’ Writer David Shayne and Director Ken Cunningham on Christian Slater, Poe Dameron’s Swagger, and More

I had the chance to talk with writer David Shayne and director Ken Cunningham about working on Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales, the film’s Easter eggs, Christian Slater, and of course Ben Solo.

Maggie Lovitt:Ben Solo is one of my favorite characters and I absolutely love what both of you have done with him in both of these movies. 

David Shayne: Yeah, that's really correct. So when we were developing the special we wanted to do sort of three mini-stories, sort of Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” style.

Lovitt: My mind was blown when Christian Slater was announced as the voice of Ren. So how did he end up getting cast in that role?

Shayne: We were looking for someone who could do basically a great 80s movie villain. It turns out (not surprisingly) Christian like a lot of people is a big Star Wars fan. He was such a great sport. Ken, you remember he was under the blankets?

Lovitt: Ken, were you able to direct them in the studio or was it all like over Zoom?

Cunningham: It was all over [Zoom]. We've got Mary, our voice director, and David, the other exec producer, and [Christian Slater] there under a blanket with a microphone. It was Brady Bunch, you know?

Lovitt: Has that changed how you direct at all?

Cunningham: Maybe, I mean communication becomes really, really important. When I was in the studio, I could just get up [and] go onto the floor and talk to people whenever I wanted.

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