How to Save Money on Self-care

The Cost of Self-Care

All of the options can cost you money, even time alone. Unfortunately, it’s common knowledge now that self-care can be quite expensive. There’s always that thought that one needs to shell out so much to give one’s self some love.

Spa Day At Home

A facemask packet at a drug store will cost anywhere from 1-5 dollars depending on the mask. Nail polish is the same depending on the size of the bottle and the brand. Couple this with a Netflix movie and a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing evening at home.

Girl Time

Fancy restaurants and wineries are not required; however, if you do want to get out, then look for happy hours in your area, or if there’s a restaurant with BYOB, then buy a bottle and take it with you! If the weather is nice, grab a bottle on a picnic or sneak it onto the beach. 

Physical Activitie

If a gym is what you need, or prefer, then make sure its one where you will get the full benefit of your cost. For instance, a $58/month membership at a gym that otherwise costs $10 per day without membership, will require you to go at least six times per month to get your money’s worth.

Escaping Reality

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to read a book.  Might sound counterintuitive because I’m concentrating on something versus just trying to empty my mind.  However, for me, burying myself in a story is an effective way to not think about all the things I’m doing in real life. It offers a reprieve from daily stress.

Budget Traveling

Giving yourself a getaway is the epitome of self-care, especially if you can take a solo trip. The time away, by yourself, is an excellent opportunity to not only de-stress but also to reflect and grow. By now, however, you may be thinking, how can I travel when I can even barely get by with all the expenses to be paid for? Travel doesn’t have to be expensive since there are now so many opportunities for one to travel, even when on a budget.