How Martial Arts Benefits My Finance

If you’re trying to save as much money as possible, you probably don’t want to add extracurricular activities to your schedule, especially those you have to pay for. I have spent a good amount of money on martial arts and haven’t earned anything yet.

8 Ways Martial Arts Improved My Finance

1. Psychology

Psychology plays a more important role in your personal finances than math does. You can get all the numbers worked out, but if you can’t get your brain to cooperate, there’s no point in doing the math.

2. Discipline

This is another great psychological benefit of martial arts. If I couldn’t restrain myself from purchasing whatever I wanted, I wouldn’t have any money saved. 

3. Focus

To have a good class, I have to empty my mind and focus on what I’m doing now. It’s hard to be productive at anything if you’re thinking about 5 other things at the same time. Martial arts have helped me develop a pattern of focusing that I can apply to any other area in my life.

4. Less fear

Not only has martial arts helped me be less fearful of getting attacked by someone, but I’d also say it’s helped me eliminate fear in most areas of my life. Eliminating fear goes in hand with having more confidence. You might feel confident you can do something, and then a thought comes through your head, and you start to feel fear. 

5. Creating Goal

The belt system was set up to motivate people to keep at it and look forward to receiving their next belt. Martial arts schools are great at setting goals for you to achieve. By creating a goal, you define what you want, which helps you achieve it.