Avoid These 7 Communication Problems (and Climb The Career Ladder)

Communication is key — especially in the workplace, where people need to be on the same page and be working toward the same ultimate bigger-picture goals. 

But, often, we're faced with a lack of communication that can lead to a whole host of issues at work. Here are seven things that can arise from a lack of communication in the workplace.

Misunderstandings happen all the time — especially when communication is not clear. Misunderstandings out of a lack of communication can lead to some serious issues in the workplace. They might then not do their job as well as they could be if they fully understood.


Missed opportunities

A lack of communication can often lead to missed opportunities, especially at work. This can happen because an employee does not clearly communicate their interest in an opening for a promotion, for example, or because they don't effectively communicate their interest and/or willingness to take on more responsibilities.

Unnecessary conflict

Unnecessary conflict can certainly arise from a lack of communication. For example, a lack of communication might cause two colleagues to end up doing more work for a team project than necessary. This can cause tension on the team.

The “grapevine” effect

A lack of communication can lead to the “grapevine” effect, also known as the “telephone game.” If one person miscommunicates information, that information can easily be passed along throughout the office. Of course, the dissemination of misinformation can lead to disarray, panic and overall disaster in the workplace.


A lack of communication can lead to mistrust in the workplace in a whole array of situations. Again, if a manager lays off several members of their team without explanation to the remaining team members, this can cause mistrust. Poor communication amongst employees also limits the closeness of their relationships and changes the ways in which employees engage with one another.