Are Video Games a Waste of Money???

From their humble beginnings of Pong, Atari, Space Invaders, and the forever popular Nintendo Entertainment System, video games have become very  expansive industry;

Webster's dictionary defines “waste of time” as bad use of time. To me, anything that you might spend money on in the process would then be a waste of money as well. 

What’s a Waste of Time or Money?

We Need Entertainment\Relaxation

The ability to be entertained and take our minds off things has never been more important. Forgetting about any worries you may have is not a waste of money but an invaluable use of your money.  

They are Actually Cost-Effective

As far as entertainment value goes, playing video games is actually quite cost-effective, and they always have been. Developers first created games that were almost impossible to beat, also called Nintendo hard.  

Fun for the Whole Family

Popular video games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and similar titles are not only made to be played over and over to no end, but many of them are super family-friendly, even for non-gamer moms, dads, or even grandparents! 

Life Benefit

-Learnable Skill -Get in Shape – Video Game Style -Educational Game