Dealing with Addiction and Its Financial Consequences – Hope Has Arrived

In June 2018, my wife, Cathy, and I decided to publish the story of our son's addiction to heroin. Dealing with addiction and its financial consequences involves the whole family, not just the addict. 

We made plenty of mistakes in our journey through the years of Jason's (our son) drug use. Though he was a grown adult, our love for him and our desire to help him caused us to make some horrible decisions.

For almost twelve years, it's been our daily prayer that God would save Jason from his addiction. That day has finally arrived. Jason has been sober now for ten months this month (March 2019).

Hope has arrived

You see, Cathy and I facilitate a weekly support group for parents and adult family members of addicted loved ones called PAL. He shared his addiction story – how and when it started, what it was like, how he lived, homelessness, serious thoughts of suicide, overdoses, and emergency room visits – the whole story.

Post update

One question asked was to Jason and us. To him – Did you ever have thoughts of suicide. He previously told us that he had a gun in his mouth at one of his lowest points, ready to pull the trigger. Fear prevented him from doing it.

Thoughts of suicide

We had prepared ourselves for Jason's death, exploring in conversation what it would be like to get the “dreaded call” or knock on the door that every parent fears. We had played out the different scenarios in our minds – overdose, killed in a drug deal, or suicide.

Preparing for death

During his time of sharing that Monday, we heard a different version of the  2010 probation period. We thought he was clean during those two years. That's what I wrote about earlier. It turns out he was using the entire time. 

Probation from 2010