35 Easy Passive Income Ideas for 2021

Most people think of income as something they work for. Go to work for a day, get a day's pay. Passive income is money you earn even when you're not working. 

Passive income is defined as income that requires minimal effort to earn.  

How Does Passive Income Work?

If you have money that's just sitting in a savings account, you can instead put it somewhere where it will earn more money, letting you invest in your future. 

Alternative Asset

Some of the more popular alternative investments include hedge funds, private equity, crowdfunded real estate investments, and commodities like wine,  geeky collectibles, and even luxury watches. 

Talk to any landlord, and they'll tell you that “passive” is the last word they'd ever use to describe apartment management.  

Passive Real Estate Investing

Earn Passive Income with Lending Club

Lending Club allows passive investors to diversify their assets by investing in different types of loans. 

Dividends are profits paid out to owners of stocks. Some companies pay dividends regularly, which means that dividends can become a dependable source of income if you amass a significant number of shares over time. 

Invest in Dividend Stock

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