14 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

You've been dreaming about becoming a freelance writer for as long as you can remember. But, whether you plan to do it as a part-time side hustle or have it be your primary source of income, getting started can be daunting. 

Here’s where you should say that you’re for hire: - In your social media bios and posts - In online groups and other forums - In your email signature - On your website

1. Tell the World You’re for Hire

Launching a website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can create one in a day for just a few dollars. There’s no reason to put it off, especially since it can help you make money writing.

2. Launch Your Website

Your portfolio contains your writing samples and serves as your freelance resume, demonstrating your expertise and credibility to potential clients. But, when you’re a brand new freelance writer who's never been published, you don’t have a lot to put in there. That’s okay!

3. Build Your Portfolio

Guest blog posts are exactly how they sound: You write articles for other blogs. Although they’re usually unpaid (exceptions exist), you do get something out of the deal. Typically, the other blog owner will link back to your website, which could increase your traffic.

4. Try Guest Posting

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