13 Great Free PC Games You Can Download Now!

Since its inception, mobile gaming has been a growing trend in the video game industry. Although, to some, this activity is not comparable to console, arcade, or PC gaming, it has made an impact nonetheless.

One of the main setbacks of mobile gaming comes from its Freemium model, which, for the most part, encouraged the pay-to-win structure that is slowly spreading through the entire industry today.

1. Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a free-to-play FPS multiplayer mobile game that uses the same gameplay mechanics as Counter-Strike. This title allows players to battle it out in various strategically designed battle arenas you and your friends can exploit.

2. PUBG Mobile

The granddaddy of battle royale is finally available free on PC. Although it's not the complete package, you will have the same experience nonetheless.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Another FPS shooter that you definitely should check out is Call of Duty Mobile Garena. Enjoy the iconic multiplayer game at the comfort of your PC through the unblocked Garena PC battle royale mode.

4. Dead Trigger 2

If you are into zombie-themed games that comes with enough firepower to start the next world war, then, Dead Trigger 2 is a title you definitely should check out.