10 Best Landing Spots in Fortnite

You need to know about battle royale games such as Fortnite because these games take more than just skill for you to win. You may be the best shooter, but that won’t be enough for you to stand out.

Lazy Lake

One of the best places you can land in Fortnite together with your entire time without having to worry about other people is Lazy Lake.

Dirty Dock

Another cool landing spot that we prefer to land on is Dirty Docks. Many people regard it as the best landing spot in Fortnite Season 7 because of how there are simply plenty of chests you can look for when getting the best weapons.

Slurpy Swamp

We also love landing on Slurpy Swamp because it is rich with different materials that will certainly give you the advantage.

Durrr Burger

Who doesn’t love burgers? While not necessarily a place where you can get burgers, Durrr Burger is still a good place for you and your team to land on because of the wood you can get there.

Believer Beach

The place that was once Sweaty Sands is now Believer Beach, which is one of the busiest places you can find in Fortnite Season 7 because of how the entire place was changed into an alien-like area that comes with a lot of different chest spawns.