Was BatCat destined to be? Find out in the upcoming ‘Batman/Catwoman’ interlude by Tom King!

BatCat fans are in for a treat this July, as the Eisner nominated Black Death in America team of Tom King and John Paul Leon reunite for a one-shot interlude in Tom King, Clay Mann, and Tomeu Morey's twelve-issue Batman/Catwoman comic book maxiseries. 

Was BatCat destined to be? Find out in the upcoming Batman/Catwoman interlude by Tom King!


This July, the special one-off issue, with meticulously illustrated work by John Paul Leon, with color by Dave Stewart, will trace the life of Selina Kyle from her earliest days to her entry into the criminal underworld, and reveal that Bruce was actually a presence in her life all along. Aww. It would seem that some great romances are just destined to be.

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The Batman/Catwoman series shows readers the romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle as it changed over their lives, but what about their connections from before they became costumed adventurers? Whether it was fate or coincidence, this story gives even more reasons why Selina and Bruce’s connection is one of the most enduring love affairs in comics.

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This one-shot interlude corresponds with the previously reported 12-issue Batman/Catwoman maxiseries which launched in December 2020. The series follows Bruce and Selina after they rekindled their long-running, on-again, off-again relationship and as they fight crime as their secret alter-egos Batman and Catwoman. Of course, the obstacles that they mistakenly believed removed from their path pose a challenge for their happiness.

Batman/Catwoman Special #1 by Tom King, John Paul Leon, and Dave Stewart arrives on July 20 with card stock covers by John Paul Leon, Lee Weeks (variant), and Bill Sienkiewicz (variant). The Batman/Catwoman Special will retail for $5.99 US for 48 pages and will carry DC’s Black Label content descriptor, indicating content appropriate for readers ages 17+.

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