Walker Stalker Con: My Biggest Mistake Ever!

Ok, maybe it wasn't his biggest mistake ever, but rumor has it the people of Chicago are still complaining about the time Brian Z was throwing his @$$ blaster around at Walker Stalker Con. The following is a guest post about his folly and hopefully his redemption. 

Walker Stalker Con

Remember That One Time I Made A Complete @$$ Blaster Out Of Myself During The Z Nation Panel While At The Chicago Walker Stalker Con?

Z Nation Walker Stalker Con

Say What????

Have you ever made such a profound mistake in front of hundreds of people that you were certain that you had made a complete ass out of yourself and you wished you were dead or at least an undead Zombie? I did.

The Zombie Freak

“Santa” knows that I am The Zombie Freak. I watch Zombie movies like World War Z by Plan B Entertainment and Zombie Apocalypse by The Asylum. I play Zombie games on my phone like Zombie Hunter Apocalypse by Genera Games and ZProject (Z-Nation Battle of the Zona Universe) by Niya Studios.

Note: Zombie Apocalypse feature Gerald Webb who joined us on the podcast episode Overcoming Fear.

On my PS4 I play Dying Light by Techland Publishing and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series by Telltale Games.

I read books about Zombies. I love Zombies. At the time I was still not sure if “Santa” approved of all this Zombie stuff back then but oh well.

Christmas 2015 I found out that “he” did. As a present, my wife and I received multi-day passes to the Chicago Walker Stalker Con!!!

This was the best! I was so excited because I knew that some of the Z Nation actors would be there.

Recommendation: if you are looking for a fun family Zombie themed tabletop game check out Dead of Winter: The Long Night. It’s one of my families favorite tabletop games.

Yes, We Were Virgins

This was the first major con we had ever attended so we had no idea what to expect. Yes, we were Con Virgins.

I am not the starstruck type of person so at first, I didn’t intend to “pay” to meet anyone. We were on a tight budget anyway, so we planned our day, so we could get a great seat at the Z Nation panel discussion and have some fun.


Have you seen the sci-fi movie Tremors 3? If so, keep that in the back of your mind.

The very back. There you go, waaaay back. That’s it.

In Line And Feelin’ Fine

The Z Nation team did their thing which was fantastic and then it was time for questions from the fans. Of course, I got up there since I love the show. I was right after this cutest little kid who everyone adored.

It was a tough act to follow but I was ready. At first, I thanked the actors for everything that they did to put out such an entertaining show. Then I said it. It went something like this.

The Cheers, The Accolades!

“I want you to know that I watch all the Zombie shows. iZombie is really good. The Walking Dead is great. But……I have sooooo much more fun watching Z Nation.”

I kid you not, the crowd cheered loudly at that. Seriously! I was on a roll. I was a rockstar! I might as well keep going right? So, I did.

The Here, Hold My Beer Moment

I continued, “I love the variety of Zombies that Z Nation has, like the Ass Blasters.”

“What Did He Just Say”

Anastasia Baranova, who plays Addy Carver on the show, immediately said, “Wait, what did he just say? Can he say that here? There are kids here.”


Hard Times By Z Nation fan Rowan Emerald

Annnnnnnd….The Fallout

And I am here to tell you that to this day I have no idea how anyone else reacted. Did they laugh? Was there dead silence? Was there undead moaning? Were parents with young kids shooting death by Zombies glaring looks at me?

All I know is that time and space stopped. I was numb & I was certain that the entire world had stopped and gone numb also.


If you read my last blog, Why Sci-Fi, Horror, and Zombie fans should be watching Z Nation, you will know that Z Nation did have Blaster Zombies.

Blaster Zombies were the real fast Zs that ate people’s faces off.

Z Nation did not, does not and never has had Ass Blasters. That was Tremors 3: Back To Perfection. That movie had Ass Blasters. Not Z Nation.

That’s an easy mistake to make right? Right?????

The Save

At some point, the moderator asked me what my question was, and time started up again. I asked Keith Allan a question about how he got the role of Murphy on the show and he gave a very interesting long answer and that was that. I went and sat my Ass Blaster down.

The Denial

For the purposes of my pride the above events described have been exaggerated (read that as I really, really, REALLY want you to believe that, but the truth is I have actually, probably (greatly) understated the reactions.) Or maybe not.

Zombie Shows

You can catch Z Nation Fridays 9/8c on the SyFy Channel. You can watch Seasons 1-4 On Demand on the Syfy Channel or on Netflix.

May all the Zombies in your life be slow & stumbling.

Till the next Zombie Apocalypse occurs, this is BrianZFandom, The Zombie Freak.

Thank You, Brian, for sharing your Walker Stalker Con experience. Hopefully, the good people of Chicago and Zombie community have forgiven you by now. 

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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